After university, Emma worked for 3 years in occupational rehabilitation and corporate wellness in Australia followed by 6 years of private practice in Zimbabwe where you find me now. She enjoys treating a variety of conditions including pre and post-operative orthopedic conditions, neurological conditions, chronic diseases and geriatrics. Emma believes in a very practical approach to rehabilitation where education of a patient along with individualisation of each program is key to the success of the rehab and its maintenance and application into everyday life.

Emma Scott

BSc Sports Science and Post Graduate Diploma in Science - Exercise Rehabilitation

What is Biokinetics?

The term loosely translates to “life through movement”. It is the application of exercise in rehabilitative treatment and performance. We use exercise as a treatment modality to improve one’s health, function, performance and pain. We are primarily concerned with secondary phase or final phase rehabilitation which means we focus on teaching a patient to correctly engage and use their muscles to enhance function and performance of the body in order to rehabilitate and correct issues that may predispose a person to re-injury or new injuries altogether.

What to Expect at your first session?

Dress in flexible and comfortable clothing – active wear is a good idea! Your assessment will involve a discussion of your injury history, symptoms, medications and activities followed by a physical assessment to pin point any weaknesses or areas for concern in the body. The biokineticist will then prescribe a series of exercises to correct these issues and ensure that you are taught to execute these using the correct muscles in optimal form. Further sessions may then be discussed depending on patients’ goals and abilities.