Dina is a distinguished UK qualified Podiatrist, bringing over a decade of expertise since obtaining her qualification in 2011. Her thriving practice in London Mayfair attests to her unwavering commitment to podiatric excellence. Renowned for her stellar client care, Dina extends her services beyond the clinic, catering to prestigious 5-star hoteliers and overseeing the foot health of over 5000 Harrods staff. Her notable contributions to the field have earned her recognition in leading publications, including Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Tatler, and the Mayfair Times and many more. A fervent advocate for education, Dina’s passion shines through in her teaching endeavors, evident in her widely viewed YouTube channel, “The Foot Scraper,” boasting an impressive over 49 million views. Dina’s dedication, enthusiasm, and genuine compassion make her a standout figure in the world of podiatry.


Dina Gohil

Bsc (Hons), MRCPod, HCPC Reg

Thrilled to expand her impact, she has recently inaugurated her second clinic at Stable Health in Borrowdale, Harare, Zimbabwe. With an unwavering passion for transformative podiatric care, she is dedicated to bringing positive change to lives in Zimbabwe. Specializing in treating a diverse range of pathologies including corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, fungal infections, and heel pain, she goes beyond conventional care. Offering services such as medical pedicures, diabetic nail cutting, and foot checks, she prioritizes holistic foot health education. A pioneer in her field, she introduces cutting-edge technology to Zimbabwe with the first-of-its-kind nanotechnology-based AI foot scanning for 3D printing insoles from Belgium. Committed to elevating podiatric standards, she stands as a beacon of innovation and compassionate care in the heart of Harare.