I had big pain in my shoulder and in my hip for a while. I have booked with Annabel Curtis (Osteopath) and just in the first session I felt a huge relief. Few sessions after, I feel more much better, aligned body and ready to go back to my sport life. Really worth it!!
Patricia Ayuso
Thank you for all your help and advice, most of all thank you for mending my lower back. Without your help and advice, I would still be in miserable and unable to carry day to day duties, training but most importantly look after my children and run the house.
Veena Garara, Specialist Dental Nurse
My neck injury and whiplash following a car accident has improved massively to the point where I barely notice any symptoms. Your treatment was brilliant and helped speed up my recovery so thanks for all your help.
Edward Ramsted
I am writing a testimonial for you as I have been using alternative treatment for my lower back for about 15 years. This has included Massage, Physio, McTimony, Acupuncture and Chiropractors. Nothing has reduced my pain as rapidly and effectively as Annabel’s treatment. Initially when I came to see her, my back was very inflamed. You reduced my pain by about 70% within half an hour. I received two further treatments from you and the pain was completely gone and I was able to move again more easily than for years.You also gave me advice about managing moving, so as not to aggravate and inflame the nerves again.  This was very helpful and allowed me to start moving again safely and grade the amount I did. I am now moving more freely than I have done for years! Thank you.
Lyn Deas, Occupational Therapist
Having weekly sessions with Annabel Curtis has helped heal my long-term shoulder injury. I tried everything to fix it before, but nothing worked. The muscle release work gives me instant relief and mobility. She is extremely good at what she does and always willing to answer any questions in detail so that I gain more understanding. Every time I leave its like a weight off my shoulders. Would highly recommend and have done so to friends and colleagues already.
Harry Baldwin, Personal Trainer
After years of suffering with upper back and neck pain and discomfort and spending £100s on massages thinking they were the answer, a massage therapist at The Medical suggested I see an osteopath. This is when I met Annabel who was the answer to my prayers! Annabel was able to pinpoint my problem from the first consultation, following up with a treatment plan. After returning for a number of sessions with Annabel I have seen major improvement. I'm almost there! I am really pleased and can't recommend her professional yet personable service highly enough. There's no need to suffer anymore.
Alexandria Hope